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About Osvaldo Schwarz

Osvaldo Schwarz is a seasoned, experienced, honest and passionate professional, always focused on his client’s objectives. With computer expertise, sales and online marketing experience, and customer service second to none, he exercises his negotiation skills to achieve the results beyond his clients' expectations, even going the extra mile whenever and wherever necessary.

Mr. Schwarz amassed a notable resume selling upscale real estate to many families from overseas and domestically, finding their dream home in Southeast Florida. Integrity is one among his many virtues.

Originally from Brazil, Dr. Schwarz graduated as an M.D. and has worked for over 20 years as an Ophthalmologist.

He also was a Private, Commercial, IFR and Glider pilot, and instructor for Navigation, Aerodynamics and Meteorology.

He moved to Florida in 1998 with his family and, while working in the IT industry, he obtained his Florida license as a Realtor in 2004. Since then he's been using his wide knowledge, experience and diverse talent in the local South Florida real estate market, primarily honing in high end condominiums, waterfront homes, and luxury estates.

Southeast Florida has been one of the most important financial landmark in the world, known for its outstanding skyline, award-winning beaches and home for innumerous international businesses, conventions, festivals and events. Not to mention the busiest international airports, biggest cruise ships and waterways of the world, a strategic location for global commerce, communication and transportation infrastructure and so on. For this reason, among others, owning a Miami property is an aspiration even among the richest in the world, and Mr. Schwarz is your professional path to this tropical paradise.

Because of his dedication, commitment and professional demeanor, a mutual and solid trust has always been built with his clients, turning into lasting friendships. He's deeply committed to his work as a Realtor, and loves helping people to achieve their American Dream.

Enjoy the benefits of Mr. Schwarz's expertise and knowledge of the Southeast Florida real estate market. Call or email him now and start envisioning your own comfortable retreat in Miami

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